Alley cropping.

Like my father and brother, mania tends to take hold of me. I’ll obsess with something for a while, dwelling on it, mulling it over, thinking about it.

Right now, I’ve been poring over alley cropping. I went to the SFA conference this last weekend and saw a visual depiction of alley cropping and absolutely became enamored with it.

This type of growing has you planting in between rows of trees. We have approximately 20 or so acres of field, meadow, and glade. This sort of process would help us make a better use of our space, especially when we begin to run animals. I can see a big benefit of using the alleys to run animals.

What I see as potential here is that the animals would be run through the alleys, using the alleys to grow crops later, as well as creating a very healthy soil in between that should feed both the alley and the trees.