Me, About

Everyone has a two stories. A short version and a long version.

The Short Version

My name is Jesse; I live in Minnesota. Born and raised. I’m married to an Iowa girl. I live in a tiny home on 38 acres that we’re turning into a farm. I work in healthcare data. I’m a self-taught programmer; I’ve made a couple of iPhone games that are no longer available. I’m humbled to have been chosen by God to receive His salvation by the way of His Son, Jesus Christ. When not working, farming, building something, or complaining about back pain, I enjoy reading, listening to music, pretending to be creative, and catching up on various interests.


Book, Fiction: A Confederacy of Dunces

Book, Non-Fiction (besides the Bible): My Utmost For His Highest

Book of the Bible: Hebrews

Movie: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Movie Director: Wes Anderson

Music, Album: Queen’s Greatest Hits (there’s a million variations)

Music, Song: Africa by Toto

Musician, Band: Queen