Cessationism vs Continuationism.

I tend to be very much in the “Reformed” camp of thinking. I’ve joked that if I were to get tattoos, I would get the 5 Solas of the Reformation tattooed on my left fingers and the five points of Calvinism tattooed on my right fingers.

I don’t get into the cessation/continue fight because I don’t think there’s a clear winner. Continuationists have many verses going for them but cessationists have reality going for them.

There are no modern future-telling prophets. All of those claiming to be modern prophets of this type have proven to be false. 100% of them. There are no faith healers. Not one documentation of a laying of hands and healing has been shown. False videos of supposed leg lengthening are not miracles; they’re parlor tricks to deceive the simple. I could go on ad nauseam.

We have verses telling us (well, the apostles and direct disciples if we want to split hairs) to heal, cast out demons, etc. We don’t have any direct verses telling us such things will cease to be.

So where does this leave us?

Well, for me it means that I believe God can work such things through people should He choose to, but He hasn’t seemed to do so in quite some time. I grew up in/around some Pentecostal churches. They would talk about miracles but never demonstrate them.

So, I don’t know that they’ve ceased, but I’ve seen enough false tongues, false healings, false prophecy, and false teachings that I believe they have. The signs and wonders, as Paul alluded to, were proofs that the Apostles and early Christians were truly speaking for God. We have His revealed word now; we’re, in many ways, much more blessed than those early Christians who were waiting for letters from Peter, Paul, and others. We have the whole thing. We don’t need signs and wonders; Christ said more blessed would be those who believed without seeing.

More blessed indeed. Thank you Lord for Your guidance and hand in our lives. Thank you for Your revealed word.