Limited time.

We live with limited time. God has our end in sight. While He is sovereign, we’re called to the duty of living lives honoring Him.

A while back, I got into a bit of a disagreement with someone over politics. This person maintains that we must have an almost obsessive interest in politics. They spend, from my knowledge, almost 75% of their day on the internet looking for political gems while posting venomous posts about their enemies.

We are given so little time that I cannot comprehend people who claim to be believers behaving this way.

When we are judged, we will not be judged on how much we knew about politics, how deeply we understood government corruption, or how many angry posts we blitzed social media with. We will be judged on the care we gave to the gifts that God has given us. In particular, I told this person, when I get to the other side of death, I will no longer be the husband of my wife, the son of my parents, or my brother’s brother. This life is the only chance I have to get these relationships right. This life is the only opportunity I have to be a good and faithful servant with those gifts.

Should God give me political power, I would hope that I use it in a way that honors Him. Right now, I have none. I have a vote and I can use that vote. But the president, cabinet, senators, agents, etc. all have to answer for how they used the gifts given to them.

Everything is Christ. Once Jesus becomes everything to you, everything else falls into place. Once you place Jesus above family, you serve your family better. Once you place Jesus above anything, you will serve better.

We have such an incredibly limited amount of time in this life. Don’t waste it. Care for the sheep in your life. Feed them as Christ commands.