Music From Another Time

I don’t know what every other person’s relationship to music is. I’m always more than a little shocked when people tell me they don’t listen to music. I’ve joked that I believe I’m responsible for Spotify raising their prices; I have it playing almost every waking hour.

Music does two things for me. First, it fires my imagination. It’s where my ideas come from. Scenes like a movie flash in my head as the music builds up. It’s like fuel on a fire. The output looks nothing like the input, but without it, it wouldn’t be there.

Second, there are times that a song will play, and I’m brought to another moment in life. The mid to late 90s. Right now, I’ve got Great Lengths by PfR playing. It was the first CD I ever acquired; I remember the moment. When I listen, I can feel myself transported into that time. Proof that age doesn’t change you; it just wears you down.

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