Going Through Hebrews.

One of the topics that I’ve done a bit of study on, and continue to look at closely, is the relationship between the Church and ethnic Israel.

Whenever I attend any Q&A, I always ask the presenter what the relationship is between a Christian and The Law. I grew up where the Law didn’t matter unless you were talking about sexual sin; anything else was fine.

In the NT, the only things I see settled are that we can eat pork, we don’t need to worry about keeping Saturday holy (but I would argue that the need to keep a day holy remains), we don’t need to celebrate the holidays.

In fact, it seems to me that only the Ten remain. My struggle with this is that it seems that keeping the sabbath is … lightened, sort of. We keep a day. I guess it’s about the heart. Keep a day for the Lord; keep a day of rest.

I’m going through the book again. I’ll jot my notes here.

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