Wind breaks.

I found an absolute gem of a book at a Goodwill a couple of weeks ago: Five Acres and Independence by M.G. Kains.

Joel Salatin often says to find the oldest farming books you can; the original of this book was 1935, I believe.

Anyway, I’m about 11 chapters into it. The chapter on wind breaks (I think chapter 9, but I’m not a journalist and nobody is reading this) was very supportive, particularly in the math of windbreaks. The author states that a windbreak will have an length of effect equal to 20 times the hight of the wind break.

We’re needing windbreaks in our garden, as we almost always have a breeze. So, this has given me some things to think about, particularly whether we want to have buildings to the south (where we need the breaks) or the north (where the cold comes from) of the garden.

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